A Reform UK campaigner has been filmed saying migrants crossing the Channel should be used as “target practice”.

The same campaigner, out in Clacton, used a racial slur against Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in footage recorded by a Channel 4 undercover reporter.

Another campaigner was filmed describing the LGBT Pride flag as a “degenerate” ensign.

Reform UK leader and Clacton candidate Nigel Farage has said he is “dismayed by the reported comments” and confirmed the individuals would no longer campaign with him.

An undercover reporter for Channel 4 News captured canvasser Andrew Parker talking about people coming ashore at Deal in Kent, at the eastern end of the English Channel.

Mr Parker said: “Army recruitment – get the young recruits there, with guns, on the f****** beach, target practice. F****** just shoot them.”

The canvasser also used a racial slur against Mr Sunak and labelled Islam a “disgusting cult”.

Responding to the report, Mr Farage said in a statement: “I am dismayed by the reported comments of a handful of people associated with my local campaign, particularly those who are volunteers. They will no longer be with the campaign.

“The appalling sentiments expressed by some in these exchanges bear no relation to my own views, those of the vast majority of our supporters or Reform UK policy. Some of the language used was reprehensible.

“Reform UK is a party for everybody who believes in Britain. I am proud that our supporters, candidates and national campaign team come from all backgrounds and identities.

“I would be interested to know whether Channel 4 is subjecting the grassroots volunteers of all the political parties to similar subterfuges, or whether Reform UK has been singled out for special attention.”

Mr Parker said in a statement, sent to Channel 4 News: “I would like to make it clear that neither Nigel Farage personally or the Reform Party are aware of my personal views on immigration.”

He added: “I have never discussed immigration with either Nigel Farage or the Reform Party and that any comments made by me during those recordings are my own personal views on any subject I commented on. At no time before I was sent out to canvass did I discuss my personal views with any representative of the Reform Party UK or Nigel Farage.

“I would therefore like to apologise profusely to Nigel Farage and the Reform Party if my personal views have reflected badly on them and brought them into disrepute as this was not my intention.

“I offered to help the Reform Party on their canvassing as I believe that they are the only party that offer the UK voter a practical solution to the illegal immigration problem that we have in the UK.”