VISITORS travelling to Tendring Show using environmentally-friendly transport will be entered into a prize draw.

Environmental group PACE Manningtree is encouraging people to go to the Tendring Show next month by foot, bicycle or by full car, with cash and other prizes up for grabs.

More than 20,000 people are expected at the annual show on July 13, leading organisers to try to cut emissions.

There will be a special bike park and pedestrian entrance for walkers.

Cyclists, walkers and those with a car of four or more people will be eligible for the draw.

Cash prizes of £200, £50 and £20 are up for grabs, as well as a bee hotel and a £20 voucher for the Wholefood Store.

Over the next year, PACE Manningtree and Tendring Show are working on several initiatives together, including better recycling and increasing the focus on regenerative farming.

Composting toilets and train bus shuttles to the show are also being considered for the future.

Winners will be announced on July 13 at 4pm over the loudspeaker system.