A WALTON councillor and Tendring Council's leader clubbed together to lead a community gardening initiative. 

Walton councillor Ann Oxley and council leader Mark Stephenson focused on clearing up the rose gardens in the town as a part of the community gardening initiative.

This event aims to improve the environment and get residents involved.

 Clean - everyone working together to tidy up the rose gardensClean - everyone working together to tidy up the rose gardens (Image: Ann Oxley) Mrs Oxley and Mr Stephenson, along with fellow independent councillors, spent the morning pruning, weeding and tidying the rose gardens, enhancing the beauty of the popular community space.

Mrs Oxley said: "Clearing the rose gardens together is a wonderful way to build a stronger, more connected community while enhancing our public spaces."

The event was well-received, with many residents expressing their appreciation for the council's efforts.

Hardwork - the team of people who cleared up the rose gardenHardwork - the team of people who cleared up the rose garden (Image: Ann Oxley)

The gardening initiative was part of a series of community activities in Walton aimed at forging strong relationships and addressing local concerns.

A spokesman said: "Residents appreciated the hands-on approach of their local leaders, and the event provided an excellent opportunity for community members to connect with each other and with their representatives.

"The revitalised rose garden stands as a testament to what can be achieved when the community works together."

Work - Ann Oxley Work - Ann Oxley (Image: Ann Oxley)