AN author from St Osyth has published a new guide to creative writing.

SJ Banham has been writing for almost four decades, publishing a dozen fiction and non-fiction books as well as ghost-writing several books.

Her new book ‘A guide to creative writing’, published by White Owl, came out on June 13 and is described as a “helpful new resource” for new writers which is written with a “friendly, accessible tone”.

The 216-page book includes FAQs, tips to turn writing as a hobby “into something more”, exercises designed for new writers, and tips on fiction and non-fiction genres.

The book also can help those who have have already written a book or are completely new to creative writing.

The creative guide also includes poetry and local interest books.

Help - The new book is designed to help people with their creative writingHelp - The new book is designed to help people with their creative writing (Image: Submitted)

The author’s own books include ‘Dream State’ which is about two “intricate love stories" which has both American and British settings.

Her non-fiction ‘Ghosting’ is a concise handbook for those wanting to hire a ghost writer or those who want to become one.

‘A guide to creative writing’ costs £14.99 and is available on Amazon as well as from Pen and Swords books.