A TENDRING councillor has called for a Jaywick road to be made one-way after three large vehicles and parked cars blocked the street. 

Brooklands was blocked for over an hour by a bus and two lorries carrying caravans in the opposite direction last week.

Jaywick councillor Bradley Thompson helped to sort the issue out. 

He said the vehicles could not move down the road because of cars parked outside the Sunspot. 

Mr Thompson said: "I was in the Sunspot café eating breakfast when two caravans being escorted down the seafront got stuck when facing an oncoming bus.

"I went down to find out they had gone the wrong way. We managed to stop the traffic and reversed back to the main road."Stuck - the blocked roadStuck - the blocked road (Image: Bradley Thompson)

Mr Thompson has called for the road to become one-way only. 

He said: "The road should be a one-way and the council should let everyone use the car park at the back."

Bradley also reminded Sunspot customers and staff there is parking at the back of the centre and urged them to park there. 

Blocked - Bradley Thompson with the caravanBlocked - Bradley Thompson with the caravan (Image: Bradley Thompson)

"This incident closed off half of Brooklands Road and if there was a fire or someone needing life-saving help, emergency services would not have got there in time.

"I will now be emailing the company involved and the officers who are responsible for the Sunspot so this can not happen again."