A CLACTON care home cook who promotes 'dining with dignity' has won an award

Manda Bracegirdle, 44, works at many different care homes around Clacton, catering to elderly people and those who have difficulties swallowing. 

Food is pureed for those residents and made into a suitable consistency which can be turned into meals.

Amazing - Manda Bracegirdle with the awardAmazing - Manda Bracegirdle with the award (Image: Manda Bracegirdle)

The dedicated cook, who has been working in the industry for 20 years, makes each meal unique by taking the time to make it look tasty. 

Manda said: "Sometimes I make special boxes, so if I am making pizza I will make a pizza box at home so the person doesn't feel left out.

"I promote dining with dignity, I make sure clients are eating with cutlery and I notice what peoples needs are rather than throwing food at people."

Puree - some of the food Manda has madePuree - some of the food Manda has made (Image: Manda Bracegirdle)