CLACTON election hopeful Nigel Farage has had a drink thrown over him during his visit to the town for his General Election campaign launch.

Shortly after 2pm today, Mr Farage was seen leaving the Moon & Starfish Wetherspoons, in Marine Parade East, Clacton.

As he was leaving the pub, a glass full of liquid could be seen being thrown at him.

Video footage shows the Reform UK leader and Clacton parliamentary candidate walking back to the Reform bus as he wipes the liquid from his face.

Mr Farage is currently in Clacton to launch his candidacy to become the town's next MP in the General Election on July 4.

It was announced yesterday during an "emergency meeting" where Mr Farage revealed his bid and that he is also now the Reform UK party's new leader.

This is not the first time Mr Farage has had a drink thrown at him.

In 2019, when he was the Brexit Party leader, he had a milkshake thrown over him by a protestor in Newcastle.