A CORONER has concluded an inquest into a Frinton pensioner who suffered serious injuries after a fall at home.

A documentary inquest into Timothy Joscelyne was overseen by area coroner for Essex, Michelle Brown, in Chelmsford last Tuesday.

The inquest heard how Mr Joscelyne, who was 85, had suffered an unwitnessed fall at his address in Queen's Road and phoned his son for help.

Paramedics later arrived and took Mr Joscelyne to Colchester Hospital, where a CT scan showed catastrophic intracranial haemorrhage.

Mr Joscelyne was placed on end-of-life care and died on Wednesday, December 6, but the coroner told the court how his cause of death could not be ascertained because he had been prescribed Apixaban blood thinners.

A subsequent post-mortem gave a cause of death as intracranial haemorrhage, fall, hypertension, and heart disease.

Mrs Brown said: “The family have given no concerns with care or treatment and they are happy this is being heard today.”

The coroner concluded Mr Joscelyne’s death was one of accident.

She said: “I will formally conclude Timothy Joscelyne from Frinton-on-Sea died on December 6 at Colchester General Hospital due to intracerebral bleeding caused by a fall at his home address in Queen’s Road.

“This death was one of accident.”