AUDITIONS for an upcoming production of Legally Blonde the musical have begun, with both human and animal auditionees. 

Clacton Musical Theatre Society has been hosting auditions for the cast of Legally Blonde this month. 

Spokesman Alexandra Hooker said: "Audition day is a long day for all involved. The morning is dedicated to ensemble auditions and there is a break for lunch and then the day continues with the individual principal roles.

"When everyone has finished auditioning, the panel moves into discussions where hopeful auditionees await a phone call later that evening to be offered a part that they can either accept or reject if they wish to.

"Once all calls have been made, the cast list is uploaded to the Facebook group for that production for all to see."

There were also two dog roles available for any budding canine actors to apply for. 

Unfortunately, only one dog showed up, despite excitement on social media, and the role of Rufus the dog goes to a pug called George, who belongs to Nicola Heap, a cast member who plays a Delta Nu Sister.

The production will be taking place at the Princes Theatre from June 27-29.