A CLACTON man is suing the Ministry of Justice for millions of pounds after he was stabbed 16 times by a convicted murderer in a prison canteen.

Steven Wilson was serving a six-and-a-half year prison term at HMP Chelmsford after he was found guilty of aggravated burglary and theft of an address at Marine Parade East, Clacton, in 2017.

Along with his accomplice Amadu Gbla, Wilson, 34, used a sledgehammer and an axe to assault their victim.

After his imprisonment in 2018, Wilson was stabbed 16 times by Patrick Chandler who was 24 days into a life sentence for the murder of John Comer.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Jailed – Steven Wilson was serving a prison sentence at HMP Chelmsford when he was attacked by convicted murderer Patrick ChandlerJailed – Steven Wilson was serving a prison sentence at HMP Chelmsford when he was attacked by convicted murderer Patrick Chandler (Image: Essex Police)

The attack, which took place in a canteen for inmates at Chelmsford prison, damaged Wilson’s spinal cord, spine, and liver.

Chandler was later given a further ten-year sentence after admitting attempted murder.

Wilson spent two months in hospital after the attack and says he is now in constant pain and can’t walk without a stick.

Last week, High Court proceedings began as Wilson sued the MoJ for £5 million, claiming his lifechanging injuries left him unable to work.

Wilson’s lawyers have also claimed the MoJ failed to vet Chandler before allowing him to work in the prison kitchen, with his risk being categorised as medium despite him telling his supervisor he fantasised about violence.

The MoJ agreed to pay Wilson compensation after admitting liability for the assault, but there is now a dispute as to whether he should receive the full £5 million payout, according to reports in the Daily Mail.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Proceedings – the case is being held at the High CourtProceedings – the case is being held at the High Court (Image: Google Street View)

Wilson claims he has lost a future income of £365,000 per year, but Richard Wheeler KC – the barrister representing the MoJ – has argued there was little evidence Wilson ever had an income from regular employment.

Mr Wheeler KC added Wilson had a lengthy criminal record even before he was sentenced for the burglary and theft offences in Clacton seven years ago.

He continued by telling the court how Wilson’s condition had improved significantly in the years since the attack and does not require the same level of care he claims.

The trial continues.