A POPULAR band which "never has a set list" is gearing up to perform a gig at a Clacton club.

JDS Acoustic Band will be performing an array of songs at the Clacton Railway Club, in Carnarvon Road. 

With no set genre, the cover band play anything from 50s to the 2000s.

Dan Fraser, 51, said: "We are not sure how great the gig will be but we are, of course, hoping that as many people as possible will be coming to see us.

"We have played at the Clacton Railway Club for a few years now and always love playing there."

All three band members will be up on the club's stage on Sunday, May 12, starting at 3pm.

Dan continued: "We are a covers band but not a conventional one. We all play acoustic instruments and re-arrange the songs and make them into something very different, so there is a creative process there to make the songs our own.

"We also include unusual instruments like cajon and kazoos for all our songs.

"We literally play anything from Elvis and 50s music to modern stuff like Prodigy.

"If it's fun, a bit unusual, funny or just a good song, we will play it and we can choose from hundreds of songs instantly - we never have a set list."

JDS Acoustic Band is made up of Jon Halden on guitar and lead vocals, Dan on bass and vocals, and Sam Thake on cajon.

The band is also set to celebrate its fifth anniversary next month, having played more than 600 gigs in that time.

Dan said: "The band is like a mini family. We formed at a wedding fair in Woodbridge but all of us are from the Sudbury area originally."

"We just never stop playing, we gig every Thursday to Sunday and already have 73 booked gigs for 2025."