FILMING for a sequel to an award-winning independent film will take place in Tendring and north Essex over the next coming weeks in what is hoped will be a “much-needed” boost to the economy.

Anthony Longhurst of the independent film production company Longhurst and Putt said the “first block” of filming for his next film will take place later this month.

The new short film will be part of the ‘Babysitter’s universe’ – with the first film Lucas and Albert winning the 2021 National Film Awards ‘UK best feature film’ and beating the critically acclaimed 1917 by director Sam Mendes and other bigger budget films.

The first block of filming will commence on April 16, 17 and then April 29, 30 in various locations across the Tendring District.

Mr Longhurst said Essex County Council and Tendring Council will be supporting the film as well as local businesses as well as the local community.

A local crew and local artists will also be used as part of the production’s intention to bring a boost to the local economy.

A.G. Longhurst said: “We still need funding but feel that if we can get started with this first block of filming, we will eventually achieve our goal.”

Investment packages will be available by contacting