COLCHESTER refugees enjoyed a day out in Walton with a writing group.

A group of refugees from Colchester Refugee, Asylum Seekers and Migrant Action spent a day with the Tendring Community Writers Group.

The day was part of the Slow Ways, walking welcome to Essex project, designed to help those living in Colchester feeling isolated to get to know their local area.

The writers group designed a walk taking in the Frinton coast, inland to Great Holland and back to Walton.

It served as inspiration for the visitors to engage in a creative writing workshop later.

Along the way, a booklet was provided to help visitors orientate themselves and gather information to write about the environment.

The day ended back at The Nose Bookshop, Newgate Street, Walton where volunteers and visitors chatted and shared a meal together.

Faye Rathe from Tendring Community Writers Group said: “We were relieved that the weather stayed warm and dry all day.

"There were smaller or longer walking route options. 28 people in total joined the day walking (and cycling) through Frinton and Walton together.

"It was a gorgeous day of smiles, sun, stories shared and tasty food! A special thank you to Eleanor Brown of The Nose Bookshop, RAMA Colchester and  Mumma Jackson for providing the meal.”

RAMA (formerly Refugee Action-Colchester) was originally founded in response to the suffering and exploitation of refugees and asylum seekers in Calais in the summer of 2015.