To what extent is your paper completely independent/non- partisan?

100%. We pride ourselves on giving balanced, fair, timely and accurate accounts of the news that matters most to our readers – without persuasion. This is vital to our existence and integrity. It’s something our dedicated staff, who make up editorial, buy into, and a basic standard insisted on and adhered to.

Do you try to be ‘neutral’, or do/will you, as a local paper, help fight for local issues?

Of course we aim to be neutral. But always in an informative and, where appropriate, entertaining way. We view ourselves as the cornerstone of our local community. Something which can regularly be relied upon and depended on.

In terms of fighting for you, we always look to cover the essential local issues on the coast, day in and day out. To keep our Clacton readership fully informed with what's happening within the community. It's a role we pride ourselves on - and take very seriously.

Do your journalists get out and about to report on stories or are they stuck behind desks?

Part of our commitment to our staff – and the community we serve - is making sure our reporting staff do not find themselves sitting behind desks. We get them out and about as often as possible. Not just when news is breaking, but everyday so they get to know the communities they serve and the people who make those communities tick. Picking up stories and invaluable information along the way.