I TRIED the reportedly “worst” Wetherspoons pub in the UK... and if you don’t like it, I think you’re probably just a little bit of a snob!

Despite others having worse online ratings, The Express newspaper late last year reported Clacton’s Moon and Starfish was the national chain’s “worst” pub. 

The article highlighted negative TripAdvisor reviews, which included users complaining about cold food and disappointing drinks, calling it “the worst Wetherspoon we have ever visited” and saying they “won’t be coming back soon”.

At the time, Wetherspoon spokesman Edie Gershon told the Gazette: “The Moon and Starfish, Wetherspoon’s pub in Clacton, has been established in the town for more than 25 years. 

“It is an extremely popular pub.”


Moon and Starfish, Clacton

Moon and Starfish, Clacton


Having grown up in the town, I’m often annoyed to see cheap shots taken by outsiders at a town that despite its socio-economic issues, is doing its best to raise its game.

While there are pubs with better ales on tap, smarter decor or a more illustrious history, there is a place in the town for the Moon and Starfish.

Wetherspoons is known for cheap drinks and cheap pub grub, but having visited a fair few across the country, the Moon and Starfish has always struck me as a decent one.


Moon and Starfish, Clacton

Moon and Starfish, Clacton


I visited the ‘Moon’ with my young son and wife on Sunday as hundreds of bikers descended on the resort for the anniversary of the Mods v Rockers riot 60 years ago.

Despite some blustery - but sunny weather - the seafront and the Moon were packed.

The restaurant was clean, but not necessarily tidy, given the number of people - and the facilities were in relatively good order.

I had a small battered cod and chips with peas and a pint of Doom Bar.


Moon and Starfish, Clacton

Moon and Starfish, Clacton


While not the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, for £9.37 including a pint, it was terrific value.

My son picked pork sausages, cucumber slices and mashed potato with apple juice (£5.62), although the mash didn’t look particularly appetising.

My wife opted for the chicken tikka masala and a pint of Stowford Press cider (£11.37), which while not awe-inspiring was adequate for the price.

I think the Moon is great value for money and a decent Wetherspoons pub - and I bet the crowd enjoying a pint or two outside in the sun would agree.