A SPIRITUAL medium will be hosting a special show in Frinton.

Antony Doveton will be bringing his mediumship show to the seaside town on May 10. 

Those who are looking to reconnect with lost loved ones and people interested in mediumship are invited to gather at the Soken House, in The Triangle Centre.

The event will allow a select number of individuals in the audience to have a short and personal reading. 

Antony said: "The audience throws questions to me regarding anything about spiritual matters and anything about my journey and how it has affected me over the years.

"Through spiritual contact with loved ones on the other side, they make themselves aware of me.

"This is not done through words alone but also through feeling, they will give me tastes, smells and discomforts as well."

The show will go on for a minimum of two hours.

Antony's spokesman said: "Over several years Antony has established his understanding working as a Medium using his senses known as subjective sight, feeling, hearing, and knowing.

"Using these subtle senses, Antony is able to help individuals embrace and reconnect with the loving touch and compassion of loved ones in the spirit world.

"Important details from past, present, and future events enable Antony to provide evidential mediumship."

The medium moved to Glastonbury three years ago but grew up in Colchester. 

Antony said: "I have done all sorts of spiritual fairs and exhibitions in Frinton and Clacton over the past six years.

"I love coming back to where I am from and reconnecting with like-minded people that I am familiar with, like the accent and the banter."

Tickets are priced at £15.

For more information and to buy tickets go to antonydoveton.co.uk.