WALTON residents have been left "disgusted" after bags of dog waste were left dumped in a community-run beach toy library.

The Walton Beach Toy Library in Eastcliff was left in a terrible state after four dog poo bags were dumped in the basket. 

Rachel Barford, who created the libraries, said: "When I went to check the Eastcliff toy library, to add new toys and prepare it for our Easter visitors, I was disgusted to see that it had been used to deposit bags of dog poo.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Disgusting - the dog poo bags dumped in the beach toy libraryDisgusting - the dog poo bags dumped in the beach toy library (Image: Rachel Barford)

"I was horrified and disgusted when I saw what had been left in the Toy Library.

"I would suggest there was more than one culprit as the bags were different.

"As litter pickers, we at the Walton Wallys are always picking up discarded poo bags, but putting them in the Toy Library is the lowest of the low."

The two toy libraries were introduced to Walton in 2022 following the example of Zoe Tipple, of Unsealed, who installed baskets on Clacton beach.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Community - The beach toy library in Eastcliff, after Rachel cleaned it upCommunity - The beach toy library in Eastcliff, after Rachel cleaned it up (Image: Rachel Barford)

They were built by Rachel's husband, Colin, and were installed in Eastcliff and near Walton Pier, with the support of Tendring Council

Ann Oxley, Frinton and Walton town councillor, said: "Sadly there are a minority of irresponsible dog owners who are failing to pick up their dog mess causing issues for everyone.

"My message is clear: if the dog poos pick it up and bin it."

Both libraries are monitored by members of the Walton Against Lazy Littering group and are kept topped up by generous residents.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Generous - Rachel BarfordGenerous - Rachel Barford (Image: Rachel Barford)

Rachel said: "Tendring Council has recently removed the nearby bins, but there is still another bin further along the beach, or if people were leaving the beach they could have taken their bag with them as there are plenty of bins along the top.

"Dog faeces are highly dangerous to children, and children taking toys from the library could easily have come into contact with it.

"I would hope that dog walkers would treat the Toy Libraries with more respect.

"It is their responsibility to dispose of their dog’s poo properly - dumping bags at the side of the prom or on the beach is unacceptable, and even more disgusting is putting it in the Toy Library."