A CHEEKY swan proved it wasn’t afraid of a little fowl play as it tried to cross a busy road.

Police community support officer Lee Compton was swanning around Stanway when Essex Police’s Colchester community policing team was called to reports of a swan trying to cross the road on Wednesday.

Lee leaped into action to rescue the majestic bird, which was trying to prove it wasn’t “afowl” of traffic laws.

Officers saw the funny side, asking the PCSO “why did the swan cross the road?”.

“PCSO Compton replied ‘probably got lost and tried to wing it’,” a post on social media added.

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The swan swam off into the sunset with its friends after being safely returned to a nearby lake, Essex Police said.

It’s not the first time police officers have bailed out animals which have got themselves into a pickle.

In April last year, officers from the force’s rural engagement team helped a curious cow get moving again after its head got stuck in a fence in Colchester.

The team made use of their training with the fire service who taught the officers how to rescue large animals.