A TEENAGE activist is trying to prevent a new quarry being built on his doorstep. 

Tommy Marns, 19, has lived in Thorrington all his life and was shocked when his home received a letter about Essex County Council’s plans which suggest turning Hall Farm into a mineral site. 

Tommy said: “I’ve known this place for all my 19 years on this planet. In this time you get to know all the businesses here, all the ways to have fun and find those nice places to go on a Sunday for a walk. 

“We have this lovely countryside here and it is a lovely place, especially during summer, but this could change. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Campaing - Tommy Marns, 19, from Thorrington is hoping to save his home from being turned into a

“I don’t want to see my doorstep transformed into something bad, so I want to raise my voice.” 

The young sports coach has voiced his worries about the countryside and ancient woodlands in an open letter to the county council. 

It states: “Not only would these proposed plans severely change the local areas we know and love, the mineral extraction sites could be of huge concern to local residents’ health due to significant effects to air quality. 

“We will no longer be able to enjoy the clean countryside air – but instead be subject to inhaling dust particles as a direct result of living far too close to a mineral extraction site. 

“My question to you is, can we really allow the residents of Essex we aim to serve and protect feel this way?” 

Tommy’s letter has received widespread support from other residents and he hopes voicing his concerns on social media will have an impact. 

He said: “I’ve got a few strengths that I could use to hopefully generate some attention to the issue and find people who share the same concerns and, hopefully, this will be taken into consideration.” 

Thorrington Parish Council also opposes the plans, warning of a “disastrous” impact on the village. 

A spokesman said: “Health and the environment will be impacted, and an increase in traffic will occur, including the use of HGVs on already heavily used roads if the project goes ahead.” 

Residents can have their say about the replacement plans during a consultation ending March 19.