PLANS for a new mineral extraction site would prove “disastrous” if it was to be built on a piece of land which sits between Colchester and Clacton, councillors have warned. 

Essex County Council is on the lookout for potentially suitable plots of lands on which new mineral quarries could become operational as part of its Replacement Essex Minerals Local Plan. 

New sites are needed in the county by 2040 in order to meet the forecasted demand for materials, otherwise known as aggregates.

Although no sites have been selected as of yet, Thorrington Hall Farm has been listed as a candidate site alongside many others in Essex. 

According documents seen by the Gazette the site, just off Clacton Road, could farm 4.7 million tonnes of sand and gravel.

Thorrington Parish Council, however, has strongly opposed the plans.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:


A council spokesman said: “Thorrington Parish Council unanimously object to the Thorrington Hall Farm – A74 Local Mineral Plan Project. 

“We will be recording our own report on the Essex County Council website objecting to the plans.

"However, we stress individuals must record their feelings either by writing to Essex County Council or recording their responses via the Essex County Council website. 

“We encourage all to read the independent report and to spread the information to the community to make sure all voices have the opportunity to be heard. 

Health and the Environment will be impacted and an increase in traffic will occur including the use of HGV’s on already heavily used roads: if the project goes ahead. 

“The impact of this on our village will be disastrous.” 


Clacton and Frinton Gazette:


Councillor Lee Scott, Essex County Council cabinet member for planning a growing economy, has defended the plans.

He said: “Minerals are essential to our way of life – we need them to build homes, schools, hospitals, roads, and much more.​

“It is therefore in everyone's interests that we have a proper plan in place to secure an adequate supply of minerals to support the development and future growth of Essex.​

“The suitability of all the sites submitted has been assessed by experts, and we are now asking residents and stakeholders to feedback on the updated plan, as well as the sites submitted for inclusion, as part of the consultation.​

“No decisions on the allocation of any sites have been made at this stage, and we will take the views of our communities into account as the Replacement Essex Minerals Local Plan is finalised."

Residents can have their say about the replacement plans during the consultation ending March 19.