FRINTON beaches received a sewage discharge warning, advising people to avoid swimming in the water.

Reports of sewage discharge overflowing into Frinton's seas were made by Surfers Against Sewage on Wednesday morning.

Surfers Against Sewage is a marine conservation and campaigning charity that aims to protect the Earth's oceans.

The organisation provides the Safer Seas and Rivers Service app, which informs users on water conditions, sewage overflows and much more beach-based information. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Sewage - Frinton beach reported to have sewage discharge overflowSewage - Frinton beach reported to have sewage discharge overflow (Image: Steve Brading)

An alert on the Safer Seas and Rivers Service app said: "There has been a sewage discharge at Frinton which started on February 7 at 9.45am. Anglian Water is responsible for this discharge." 

This year, the app has already alerted Frinton Beach users of 2 accounts of sewage discharge, on January 2 and January 5. 

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “A BeachAware alert was raised at 9.30am yesterday after our coastal model predicted an impact at Frinton Beach following a storm discharge after heavy rainfall in the area.

"The overflow operated as it should to protect homes and businesses from flooding.

“While any discharges have been predominately rainwater, our BeachAware system notifies the Surfers Against Sewage Safer Seas app as a precaution, so people can make educated decisions about swimming in the sea.

"All of the designated bathing waters at Clacton and Frinton are rated as good or excellent for bathing water quality by the Environment Agency.

“We recognise that CSOs are no longer the right solution when sewers become overloaded with rainwater. As part of our next business plan we’re proposing around a £5 million investment into reducing storm spills at Frinton, Jaywick and St Osyth-Point Clear.”

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