TWO police officers were left injured after being attacked in a “prestigious” town centre, with shocked shoppers saying: “Incidents like this don’t happen in Frinton”.

Essex Police were called to Connaught Avenue, in Frinton, shortly after 2pm on Saturday after two officers were assaulted.

The officers, who suffered minor injuries during the broad daylight attack, were set upon while arresting a man on suspicion of harassment.

One shopper who saw the commotion unfold says incidents such as this are at odds with what is otherwise a usually quiet seaside town which attracts limited trouble. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Scene - Connaught Avenue, in Frinton, where the police officers were attacked Picture: Steve BradingScene - Connaught Avenue, in Frinton, where the police officers were attacked Picture: Steve Brading (Image: Steve Brading)
Speaking anonymously she said: “There must have been three police cars, a big police wagon and six police officers trying to hold down a man on the ground.

“As they tried to get a man in the police van his trousers came off and his bottom was hanging out.

“Lots of people were looking on and taking videos but it is really weird because stuff like that in Frinton usually ends up on social media but there has been nothing.

“Something like this is really out of the ordinary for Connaught Avenue – incidents like this don’t happen in Frinton.”

Terry Allen, Frinton and Walton councillor, said the news of the incident was “sad to hear”.

He added: “It is shocking this could happen in broad daylight, in Frinton’s prestigious shopping area.

“These brave police officers were just going about their duties and should not have to put with this while doing so.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Concern - Frinton and Walton councillor Terry Allen Concern - Frinton and Walton councillor Terry Allen (Image: Newsquest)
“Attacking police officers while they are doing their duties is completely out of order anywhere, but especially in Frinton.

“I wish the officers well and I thank them for their service.”  

A 34-year-old man has since been arrested on suspicion of harassment and two counts of assault against an emergency services worker. 

He has been bailed until 1 July 2024.

The latest Tendring attack comes less than two months after a woman was left “living in fear” after being assaulted in broad daylight in Clacton’s town centre.

Fern Logan, 63, was slapped in the face and punched in the ribs in Old Road, in December, prompting Essex Police to launch an investigation.