A TALENTED actress will be hosting an actors' workshop in Clacton next month. 

Verona Rose, an English actress, comedian, television presenter and writer, will be sharing her knowledge of the acting world and how to get involved on March 16 from 2pm until 5pm. 

She has over 20 years of experience in film, TV and theatre and is best known for her roles in Top Boy, Secret Crush and Horrible Histories. 

During the workshop, aspiring actors and actresses will have the opportunity to learn from experienced actors and industry professionals.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced actor, the workshop is designed to help take people's acting abilities to the next level.

Nick Pelas, the director of Stage Theatre and Film Company, said: "Through engaging exercises, improvisation games, and scene work, attendees will develop their stage presence, enhance their emotional range, and improve their overall acting technique.

"This workshop aims to provide a supportive and collaborative environment where you can unleash your creativity and learn from fellow participants."

The three-hour-long workshop will take place at PD UK Studios, in Brunel Units, Clacton.

Nick has worked with Verona since 2008 in London, where they worked together on the Fringe Festival. 

Claire Searle, of the Stage Theatre and Film Company, said: "This is a really exciting opportunity to invite someone who has such success and experience as an actress, writer, comedian, and presenter.

"It will be great for Verona to share her workings and the process of cultivating an acting career in London."

Nick and Claire will be working alongside Verona in hosting and setting up the activities.

Claire continued: "Attendees should expect engaging exercises, improvisation games, scene games, overall acting technique exercises and much more."

"This is a social event pulling not only existing troop members together but also people who may not have originally been interested in joining film or theatre. 

"This is a great get-together giving local local talent and creators to learn from each other.

"Hopefully this event will be the first of many."

Tickets are £50. 

For more information and to book tickets call Nick on 07754 398113 or go to the website on eventbrite.co.uk/e/actors-workshop-verona-rose