REFURBISHMENT work on a popular Clacton theatre's bar has been completed. 

The West Cliff Theatre has revealed its bar's new and improved look. 

In 2022 the Trust embarked on a five-year plan to improve the front-of-house area which began with upgrades to all doors and handles and the installation of panels on the lower walls. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Improved - The new bar area at the West CliffImproved - The new bar area at the West Cliff (Image: West Cliff Theatre)

Rob Mitchell-Gears, manager of the West Cliff Theatre, said: "I am always delighted to see improvements made to the venue, it enhances the experience for our customers and we want the West Cliff to look as fabulous as possible.

"We are very fortunate that some supporters of the venue donate or bequest money to the Trust for such work to be done.

"Without such generosity, it would be difficult to do as much as we would like to.

"With a building rapidly coming up to its 100 birthday, there is always a lot of general maintenance to be done."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Before - What the bar used to look likeBefore - What the bar used to look like (Image: West Cliff Theatre)

Rob added: "The West Cliff has a ‘dark period’ in January, so the vast majority of major works can only be carried out in this month, which is why improvements can take a while to happen.

"There are also plans to make further improvements to other facilities in the foyer area, which are at the very early discussion stage but will need to be scheduled for January 2025."

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