A MEMORIAL service to remember victims of the Holocaust was held in Clacton.

A ceremony was held on Friday morning to remember the victims of the Holocaust and the victims and survivors of other genocides around the world.

The service took place at the Sunken Rose Garden, which has a memorial stone and was led by Harvey Newman from the Colchester and District Jewish Community.

Tendring Council chairman Gary Scott also attended to pay his respects along with members of the public.

Mr Scott said: “This service is an important moment to commemorate the Holocaust, remember the experiences of its victims and those of subsequent genocides, and crucially to remember the lessons we must take from it.

“While we may come from any number of backgrounds and define ourselves in many ways, we are all united in humankind and I think that is an important thing to remember in the context of the fragility of freedom.”

Holocaust Memorial Day marks the date the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated in 1945.

The annual day is usually respected on January 27 but this year it was held a day earlier as it fell on the Jewish Sabbath. 

This year's theme for the memorial day was the 'fragility of freedom'. 

Mr Newman added: “This is such an important day, and it is important people remember what has happened.

“It is good to see such a large turnout of people who supported us at the service.”