A CHEEKY chicken had her owners looking all over a village after she escaped from her temporary home in Kirby.

Toni and her family own 35 chickens which are temporarily located in their back garden while a new and improved coop is under construction.

But one chicken named Nugget decided to brave the outside world. 

In one afternoon she managed to get into five gardens, jumped into an allotment and then over high fence.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Duo - Louis, 6, with who he dubbed Naughty NuggetDuo - Louis, 6, with who he dubbed Naughty Nugget (Image: Toni)

Last Sunday, the day after the chickens were brought home, Toni's six-year-old son Louis noticed Nugget, had gone missing. 

Toni said: "We searched all over and looked over the fences but couldn't see her. We were very worried about her as we knew she hadn't settled in long enough to know her way back.

"A few hours later, Lauren's mum saw a post on Facebook saying someone had found a chicken in their garden and had posted a picture of Nugget."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Saviour - Neil with the cheeky chickenSaviour - Neil with the cheeky chicken (Image: Toni)

This sparked the search for the mischievous hen and the family set off the save Nugget. 

Toni said: "There was a big chase around the neighbourhood looking for her but she outwitted us several times, escaping from people's gardens before we could even get to her."

Nugget was finally found in a nearby new-build estate. 

She continues: "She had been over five gardens, jumped into an allotment and then over another high fence into the new houses where she made her way to a garden on the other side of the estate.

"The lady whose garden she was in was quite happy with her new arrival as she said it had entertained her children and even laid an egg for them."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Mischievous - Nugget in the coop with all her friends Mischievous - Nugget in the coop with all her friends (Image: Toni)

Toni's husband Neil finally brought Nugget home, much to the delight of Louis who renamed her 'Naughty Nugget'.

Nugget and her friends will soon be moving into their new home and look forward to lots of people coming to see them there where they will be going on lots more adventures.

The chickens new home is at Park Fruit Farm in Pork Lane, Great Holland, when it reopens as Pork Lane Orchards Community Farm.

This new home will be a movable chicken coop made out of a renovated caravan.