A PROFESSIONAL artist has compiled all of Walton's landmarks into one piece of art.

Lisa Harding has been an artist and illustrator for 30 years, having graduated from the London College of Printing in 1992.

The inspiration for the art came from Lisa's Uncle Pete who took her on a walk around Walton to show her all the hidden gems and iconic landmarks.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Sightseeing - Lisa with her Uncle Pete on their walk around WaltonSightseeing - Lisa with her Uncle Pete on their walk around Walton (Image: Lisa Harding)

Lisa said: "I wanted to show the breadth of things to see, do and enjoy in Walton as well as to celebrate its heritage and history, particularly its maritime and military connections.

"There are a lot of hidden treasures in Walton that perhaps some people local and otherwise don't know about. 

"If my fun illustration brings some of those to light alongside the things we already know such as the pier, beaches, sunshine and ice creams then it might even encourage more people to come to the town."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Vibrant - The artwork Lisa created in all its gloryVibrant - The artwork Lisa created in all its glory (Image: Lisa Harding)

The piece features iconic places such as Walton Pier, Walton Market, the Naze Tower, Bianca's Coffee Shop and the promenade.

Lisa said: "I love Walton on the Naze and it has some very special memories for me having visited a number of times when I was a child.

"My aunt and uncle, Lesley and Peter Whitty, along with my cousin Marie have made their homes in Walton and I often come to see them, travelling down from my home in Lincolnshire."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Artwork - The art in both its poster and card formArtwork - The art in both its poster and card form (Image: Lisa Harding)

The vibrant artwork took the artist just under a week to create.

Lisa said: "I start with a faint pencil drawing to work out the composition which I then illustrate in ink. Once that part is complete, I bring colour into it and create the final piece.

"I try not to be too exact with colour and instead create a colourful vibrant piece which hopefully showcases the wonderful town of Walton on the Naze."

The cards and posters will be available to buy in person from Bianca's Coffee Shop, in Walton High Street, or on Lisa's website at www.lisahardingphoto.com.