A DRIVER refused to provide a specimen when he was stopped by police because his two stepsons had attacked him and caused him serious head injuries, a court heard.

Robert Travers, of Jackson Road, Clacton, had been driving through Colchester shortly after Christmas in 2022 when he was stopped by police.

Officers asked him to provide a blood sample, but after Travers refused, he was charged with failing to provide a specimen.

Travers, 46, initially denied the offence but changed his plea to guilty when he appeared in Colchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The court heard how Travers had been assaulted by his two stepsons and suffered head injuries before getting behind the wheel.

Mr Mountain, mitigating, said: “At this point he was living with his wife; the police were called because he was assaulted by this two stepsons.

“He drove a mile down the road and was asked to go through the blood procedure, but he says he can’t recall it, and he doesn’t recall the drug procedure being asked of him.

“He does refuse to give the sample, but it’s hard to say whether that was due to his head injuries or alcohol intake.”

Magistrates ordered Travers to pay £710 and endorsed his licence with ten penalty points as punishment.