Clacton’s MP backed the government on the Rwanda bill but warns it will not go far enough. 

Giles Watling MP has voiced his support for the government’s plans to strengthen borders and act against illegal migration. 

However, according to him, the legislation does not go far enough and will not ultimately succeed in full. 

Mr Watling said: “It is undeniable that we need to police our borders and strengthen them. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“Fundamentally, it is perfectly acceptable that those who are not here legally should be deported to have their cases assessed – we cannot reward those who break the rules and I welcome the Government finally getting to grips with this issue. 

“However, and despite intense lobbying from colleagues of mine on both sides of the party, I am afraid I simply could not support any amendments to this bill.  

“This is not because I did not agree with them in principle, but simply because I do not believe that this Bill goes far enough – even with the proposed amendments, should they have passed.” 

Mr Watling said the Home Office has demonstrated “that it is either unwilling or unable to grapple with the scale of the challenge” and believes it is the right decision to transfer the responsibility to police the UK’s borders to the Ministry of Defence. 

“Our borders must be stronger, and in order to achieve that we must explore negotiating with our continental neighbours, pointing out that they would regain control of their overrun towns from Dunkirk to Boulogne if they allow that, in addition to the people we already have in their command and control centres, we put British boots on the ground in Northern France to assist their efforts. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“This is a relatively small piece of coastline with only a few practical places to launch these boats. 

“In a very short time I believe that the migration route will stop.  We will save lives, free up the French ports and stop illegal entry in this manner. 

“All it requires is determination and diplomacy of the highest order."