A TALENTED Care home resident's work has been put on display in Clacton. 

Eileen Cowell, 99, is a skilled resident at the Black Swan Care’s Maitland House in Church Road who has enjoyed needlework all her life. 

She started doing stitchwork in her school years and has continued to create more and more beautiful pieces. 

Eileen even passed her knowledge and skills down to three generations in her family to keep the art alive. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Display - Eileen Cowell has received a display for her stitchwork at the Black Swan care home in

She says doing stitchwork gives her satisfaction, happiness, fulfilment and a real sense of achievement. 

Some of her designs are so detailed and complex that they take months to complete, like her favourite, the hedgehog in a flower. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

The maintenance team at the Black Swan care home has now installed a wall display in her bedroom so she and her visitors can admire her work. 

Eileen moved to Maitland House in October 2022 and enjoys the care home’s activities, food and kind staff. 

Maitland House in Clacton provides short-term, respite and longer-term care and support for up to 24 residents. It is part of the Black Swan Care Group which provides care and support to over 700 people in 22 care homes in East Anglia.