THE West Cliff Theatre will be refurbishing its bar ready for the 2024 season.

Plans to refurbish and redecorate the bar area at the theatre are now underway.

Rob Mitchell-Gears, manager of the West Cliff Theatre, said: "We may also look at new bar tables and chairs but at the moment, as always, we have to keep a keen eye on the cost.

"After last week's windy weather we had to replace 12 fence panels in our car park area which was an unexpected additional cost, but it needed to be done.

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"I am always delighted to see improvements made to the venue, it enhances the experience for our customers and we want the West Cliff to look as fabulous as possible."

The development is scheduled to be finished towards the end of January.

The bar's carpet is also set to be changed but this will not happen until the summer.