Anti-social behaviour in a village park will not be tolerated, a PCSO has said.

Rebecca Duff gave St Osyth Parish Council an update on activity at nearby Cowley Park at its meeting yesterday.

She stressed that dealing with the area was her main priority.

"It's my hot spot area," she told councillors.

"We have had reports of criminal damage to play equipment, as well as graffiti on brand new benches.

"So we've increased patrols in that area - we've got to be firm."

PCSO Duff said that most of those involved are aged about 14 and are mainly from the St Osyth area.

"Even though the park is for eight-year-olds, they think they've got a right to be there," she explained.

"If they're just hanging around I'll leave them to it, but if they're rowdy I'll ask them to stop, "I'll take their details if necessary, or take them home to their parents."

She added that a drug problem had also been discovered in the village's Meadow Park last month, but that the arrest of one offender seemed to have alleviated the situation.

"We know where their den is now, and we patrol that area," she said.

"It's been quite quiet there since then."

The council is looking into the possibility of introducing a skate and BMX park at Priory Meadow.

Members will ascertain whether there is enough demand for the addition before they apply for a £16,000 grant from the Community Initiatives Fund.