A TRAVEL writer visited Frinton and labelled the genteel seaside town as "nimby" ... but "heaven".

Gavin Haines, a travel writer at The Telegraph sldo describe the north Essex resort as “prim and proper” in an article for the national paper.

Nimby is an acronym for the phrase ‘not in my backyard’ which Gavin uses to emphasise how the town is "renowned for resisting change".

Although "resisting change" could be seen as a negative connotation, the journalist believes the town's selective choices are a strength.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Town - A man walking past some of Frinton's shopsTown - A man walking past some of Frinton's shops (Image: Steve Brading)

Frinton Councillor Terry Allen appreciates The Telegraph writer’s kind words.

He said: "I think he has captured the actual atmosphere of Frinton and the way it is in general, the people of Frinton appreciate being here.

“It gives you that peace and tranquillity you strive for in life, we are surrounded by people who care, that is Frinton in a nutshell.

“I hope people are proud to live here. We do not resist change, we scrutinise change to make sure it is appropriate for the area.

“We live, work, and play here because it is just a wonderful place.”

The town objected to the opening of a fish and chip shop until 1992 as residents thought it may "lower the tone" of the town, which only got its first pub, The Lock and Barrel, in 2000.

Gavin also commented on how the town is "fighting back" against second properties, with Tendring Council’s plan to charge a council tax premium of 100 per cent on them.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Town - FrintonTown - Frinton (Image: Steve Brading)

He believes this collective pushback on certain topics is a strength for the town.

If the town didn’t have such a high standard, it may have welcomed many chain stores, like other towns have, resulting in possible empty stores, instead the town is full of thriving independent stores.

Charlie Young from Young’s Fisheries of Frinton, has also offered his thoughts on the Telegraph article.

He said: "It is very nice here. It isn’t a paradise, but we have a great beach as well."

Peter Clarke, who runs The Lock and Barrel pub in Connaught Avenue, added:  “I don’t have any issues with the article.

"I love Frinton, the people are nice, I couldn’t say anything bad about the town.

“When The Lock and Barrel’s site stopped being a DIY store, they resisted change to the pub, but that’s okay as it shows people care about the town.”