A TOURING theatre company is set to play their saucy twist on the traditional pantomime custom at Clacton's Princes Theatre.

The Market Theatre Company will be bringing their adult-only pantomime, titled Beauty and the Big Beast, to the town on February 4. 

It follows the tale of Beauty and the Beast, but twists its story more saucy, adult and funny.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Saucy - The three actors performing one of their adult pantosSaucy - The three actors performing one of their adult pantos (Image: The Market Theatre Company)

Glyn Dogget, the production manager for the theatre, said: "Our brand of Adult Panto is very much a farcical comedy with three actors playing all the parts as they tell a saucy version of the traditional tale of Beauty and the Beast.

"The show is full of fast-paced comedy and plenty of innuendo, and it all ends in confusion, giving it a big farcical finish which has become our trademark.

“One of the things I love about our adult pantos is that we are constantly surprising audiences with where we take the original story and characters, that’s part of what makes us different."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Wings - Eleanor Pead in a magnificent costumeWings - Eleanor Pead in a magnificent costume (Image: The Market Theatre Company)

Hertfordshire-based performers Nick Hooton and Jemma Carlisle play the Beast and Beauty respectively, and Bristol-based actor Eleanor Pead plays Beauty’s stepmother.

Glyn said: "With just three actors, as you can imagine, it's a busy show for them and they are rarely off stage.

"It's part of the chaos of our production to watch them switch from one character to another and (when they achieve it!) make some extremely quick costume changes."

Nick Hooten (The Beast) has been working with the theatre company since 2004 and has played leading roles in both television and film.

Jemma Carlisle (The Beauty) made her professional debut at age seven playing Victoria Larkin in “The Darling Buds Of May” and now runs her own theatre school.

Eleanor Plead (The stepmother) has performed in three shows with Market Theatre Hitchin and is now playing in her second adult panto show.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Duo - Jemma Carlisle as The Beauty and Nick Hooten as The BeastDuo - Jemma Carlisle as The Beauty and Nick Hooten as The Beast (Image: The Market Theatre Company)

Glyn adds: "This is our first visit to the Princes Theatre and we are delighted to be bringing our show to such a great seaside town."

The show is strictly not suitable for under 16s. 

Tickets are £20 and can be bought at princestheatre.co.uk.