THE Clacton Labour party has opened its revamped headquarters in preparation for the general election next year. 

The political group's seaside hub, in Meredith Road, Clacton, has relaunched after being renamed after Britain’s first woman cabinet minister, Margaret Bondfield. 

The refurbishment of the office has finished just in time to be included as part of the Clacton Art Trail, starting on December 20. 

The new name was unveiled by Pam Cox, Labour parliamentary candidate for Colchester. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Mrs Cox is nothing short of an expert on Margaret Bondfield having written about the life of the former cabinet minister and broadcast the story of her life in a BBC history series. 

Pam Cox said: “I was delighted to be invited to unveil the new plaque. Margaret Bondfield was a formidable woman and champion of the rights of working people, especially those working in shops and retail.  
Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Tendring’s councillor for Coppins, councillor Peter Kotz, joined the ceremony alongside members of the Labour Party and members of the public. 

“The retail sector still relies on women workers who benefit from the reforms that she introduced. There’s always more to do and I feel inspired by Margaret’s example.”