A RAPE survivor has spoken out after her abuser was jailed by a crown court judge.

The victim, who was subjected to a decade of sexual abuse, finally saw justice on Friday when David Levy was sentenced to 16 years in prison at Chelmsford Crown Court.

There, Levy was told by Judge Samantha Cohen that he showed panic rather than remorse when he was confronted by his victim about the abuse.

She said: “[Your victim] called you and spoke to you and she told you in explicit terms the consequences of what you had done to her over the years.

“I have watched that phone call.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Jailed – David Levy will serve ten years behind bars (Image: Essex Police)Jailed – David Levy will serve ten years behind bars (Image: Essex Police) (Image: Essex Police)

“I detect in your voice not so much remorse as panic – panic that you were about to be unmasked.

“You were advised to hand yourself in – you did the next day on September 18 this year at Clacton Police station, but when they interviewed you, instead of confessing, you made no comment.”

The victim said for years she thought the abuse was normal, but said she could not go any longer without telling someone about it.

She said: “I was worried people would not believe me or judge me, but I couldn’t hold this in any longer.” 

She continued: “I often have nightmares – when I decided to speak out if got so bad, the GP gave me sleeping medication.

“I have constant anxiety and have been given medication to try and help with this.

“I am fearful of men and I can’t go out.

“I can’t even look at photos of myself as a child – I was a little girl.

“David fed me lies – I was holding of secrets because I thought I would get into so much trouble.

“He has made me hate myself.

“In Year 7, I tried to kill myself and in Year 9 I was self-harming – I can still feel David touching me and breathing on my neck.

“I cry every day.”

Essex Police’s investigating officers in the case, temporary detective constable Jessica Lamb and temporary detective constable Nicole Compton from the force’s public protection investigation team, praised the victim for her strength.

In a joint statement, they said: “We want her to feel closure in the fact that he has been held accountable for his actions and will never be able to hurt anyone else. 

“This investigation was fast-paced, with Levy being charged and remanded into custody within 48 hours of the report being made.

“Our officers worked so hard to gather the evidence needed to bring Levy to justice. 

“I hope this case proves to any survivors of sexual abuse who haven’t come forward yet, that you will be believed and we will investigate.”

Anyone who has been affected by rape and sexual abuse can be supported by Synergy Essex on synergyessex.org.uk/.