A NEW venue full of activities and fun is set to open in Clacton next week. 

Realms, in West Avenue, is ready to open its doors to the fun-loving public on December 11.

The business will provide the adventurer's dream with escape rooms, VR experiences and axe throwing activities.

Mark Hallows, the director of Realms, said: "Realms will provide a space for families, groups, and couples to spend a few hours escaping reality and in some instances trying to escape from other realities."

Up to four players can join in with the VR experiences, which include seven different virtual reality escape rooms, arena experiences and various other 45 minute long games.

In 60 minute long slots, up to six players can enjoy one of the four escape rooms available to enter at the venue.

With themes from ghostly ships to magical forests to nothing at all, there is something for every adventure seeker.

There will also be one hour sessions of axe throwing available with end grain targets, which not only enhance safety, but also add a unique dimension to the sport.

Having partnered with the Federation of Small Businesses, Mark strives to support the local community.

Mark adds: "This will be our first venue but we have been building, installing and maintaining escape rooms for two years.

"As our business grows, the core principle will be that wherever we open, we train and employ local people to manage, produce and deliver our services.

"They will learn the obvious things such as customer services, health and safety and first aid, it is axe throwing after all, as well as; if they take an interest, carpentry, metal work, electronics, computer programming and special effects.

"We also want to ensure we work with other businesses across Tendring to supply us rather than looking further afield.

"For instance, rather than setting up and selling our own sandwiches, cakes and drinks etcetera, we will be using Reuby’s Salt Beef & Cheesecake Bar to deliver to our customers."

For more information and to book tickets go to: realmsclacton.co.uk