A CLACTON based organisation aiming to make shopping safer by linking shops via radio has recently joined a national association. 

Counter Crime Partnership is a scheme aiming to link shops around the area with eachother to communicate about shoplifting incidents and anti-social behaviour.

Retailers, entertainment venues and security industry authority licensed individuals are all able to join Counter Crime Partnership to help shoppers and businesses to feel safe.

The organisation has now joined the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships, a company that liaises with the Government and the police at a national level. 

Scott Pepper, the founder of Counter Crime Partnership, said:  “This accreditation confirms to our members, partners and to ourselves that Counter Crime Partnership is operating at the highest level, with robust processes in place across the board including data sharing.

“Now we are part of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships, it is very interesting to hear how police in different areas approach Retail Crime.

"In Clacton, it is rare for shops to report theft to the police because we are sent response officers, who genuinely do not have the time to deal with shoplifting.

"It sounds like the towns with dedicated retail crime officers get the best service from the police.

"This will be because these officers will not have to rush off to an emergency so have time to investigate and get a feel for who the prolific offenders are.”