CLACTON'S MP supported the Autumn Statement in Parliament but questioned the treatment of small and medium-sized businesses. 

Giles Watling MP showed his support of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement during a speech in the House of Commons on November 27. 

As he campaigned for three months to maintain the Triple Lock, a safeguard applied to UK state pensions, he was “thrilled” to see the government committing to it. 

Yet, he questioned the government’s approach to small and medium-sized businesses and said, the approach would hamper growth and policy should be focusing on big businesses, which can afford changes more easily. 

Seeing inflation halved and the arrival of £78 million worth of investment into Clacton to level up the constituency, Mr Watling welcomed the decisions made by the chancellor. 

In his speech in parliament, Mr Watling said: "This is a massive deal for every man, woman and child in Clacton and beyond. And despite this all-consuming effort to tame the tiger of inflation, which is working, we have still managed to protect the £78m committed to Clacton. 

“I thank the Government for listening to my repeated pleas to bear deprived coastal communities in mind." 

"In this day and age, to treat all private entities as if they have the same capacity is madness. These mandates should be like tax on profit - they should fall heavier depending on the broadness of the shoulders." 

He also called for more support in the hospitality and social care sector, highlighting the need to protect them from increasing costs.