A TENDRING based group with the aim of helping people to walk longer to improve their heath is encouraging more people to sign up. 

The Tendring Wanderers are a group of more than 500 people who club together throughout the district to go on fun and social walks.

Their newest group focuses on starting with slower and shorter walks which begin to get longer to help trekkers become able to walk for longer and live a better life.

Led by avid walker Tracey Crook, this group meets on Mondays at 11am at Gunfleet Sailing Club, in Kings Parade.

Tracey is a Find Your Active community connector and she works for the Rural Community Council of Essex charity, which is funded by Active Essex.

She said: "I am trusted to use my skills and experience to schedule my own week and this is working well.

"I have found that throughout the year my walkers have made friends, are caring to one another, they find new activities together and we all have fun."

These short walk sessions have already gained a huge amount of interest.

Tracey adds: "If people would like to join me, they can either contact me on Facebook at either @FindYourActiveTendring or @Tendring Wanderers.

"Alternatively, they can email me tracey.crook@ceessex.org.uk"

The walking community is full of friendly faces who are always happy to chat and welcomes new members at any time.

Tracey said: "I love my job and it's so wonderful to watch people flourish, who then go on to help others.

"I feel that the community is growing fast and so many connections are being made. "

For more information head to the Tendring Wanderers Facebook Page.