PARKING wardens slapped tickets on cars across Walton as their owners paid their respects to the fallen at a Remembrance Day parade.

People across the town gathered at the War Memorial to commemorate the brave men and women who gave their lives during past conflicts on Sunday. 

The traditional Walton Remembrance parade then marched through the town.

But after attending the poignant service some drivers returned to their vehicles to find they had been hit with a parking fine. 

One driver who had parked in a permit only parking area said he was shocked to find he'd been ticketed.

The man said: "[It] was a lovely show of people at the Remembrance parade but what did the council do?

"They sent a team of parking wardens to ticket cars that were in permit only zones. It's shameful."

North Essex Parking Partnership states that permit zones are still in effect every day of the year, including Remembrance Day.

On the day officers observed a ten minute grace period either side of 11am. 

A North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) spokesman said: “NEPP enforces all parking and waiting restrictions across its area to improve safety, traffic flow, and reduce congestion.

"This includes permit zones, which are in effect every day of the year, including Sundays, regardless of nearby events, unless otherwise stated by roadside signs.

"Residents pay a premium to be able to park in a permit zone, and therefore NEPP has a responsibility to ensure they are able to do so.

“On the day in question, the officer on duty was instructed to not issue any PCNs in a ten-minute window before and after 11am.

"Any PCNs issued on the day reflected the instructions given to the officer and all fell outside of the 10-minute window.

“Motorists who believe they have received a PCN in error can challenge it by submitting a written appeal with evidence to NEPP.

"NEPP will review the details of the case and respond accordingly.”