POSTAL voters in Tendring are being reminded of changes to election processes following the introduction of new legislation.

Through the Elections Act 2022, the Government has introduced the need for Voter ID at the forthcoming elections in May.

The extra security measure came into effect last month and means voters will now have to verify their identity as part of their application to vote via post. 

Most voters will be able to do this online, through a new national portal, using their National Insurance number and a picture of their signature.

Voters without a National Insurance number can use other approved forms of identification to support their application, while paper applications will still be accepted for anyone not online.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Quoted - Ian DavidsonQuoted - Ian Davidson (Image: Tendring Council)

In addition, postal vote arrangements will now only be valid for three years, whereas previously postal vote arrangements were permanent, with a signature refresh every five years.

In the future, those wanting to keep their arrangements for the long-term will need to re-apply for a postal vote every three years.

These changes only apply immediately to new applications as voters currently registered for a postal vote can keep those arrangements until January 2026, provided their details do not change, for example by moving home.

Ian Davidson, electoral registration officer for Tendring, said while postal voters did not need to act now, they should be aware of the changes.

Mr Davidson said: “If you currently have a postal vote then you do not need to worry for now, but please bear in mind the new registration requirements are coming,

“Anyone looking to register for a postal vote now, or who changes their details, will need to go through this new process, so remember to have your National Insurance number handy.”

Further changes coming from the Elections Act 2022 include removing the 15-year limit on eligibility for overseas British voters.

Mr Davidson added: “We will communicate to registered voters about these changes as they are introduced or, otherwise, as and when they need to take action.”

Tendring voters with questions should contact the Tendring Council Elections team at or call 01255 686575.