CLACTON’S American-themed Charnallies Restaurant and Bar serves up a truly Great British breakfast for all the family to enjoy.

The family-friendly restaurant, nestled amongst the arcades in the resort’s Pier Avenue, offers a warm, relaxed and inviting atmosphere for an enjoyable dining experience.

Established in 2004, it has become a staple in the town, serving up a nice blend of American and Italian cuisine, with its BBQ rack of ribs, juicy homemade beef burgers and freshly prepared pizzas proving to be popular choices.

But we intentionally visited the eaterie before midday so we could enjoy the delicious-looking brunch platter, served on a stand.

It features a perfectly-well cooked assortment of breakfast essentials, including sausages, bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, beans, and toast.

Sharing a fried breakfast on a platter with the family was an enjoyable experience, and extra items were brought up on request at no extra charge.

It added a touch of afternoon tea-style class to a traditional fry-up, with the food presented nicely - and saving those with young families from traipsing up to a buffet bar.

At a very reasonable £6 a head, it satisfies both the taste buds and the wallet, and comes highly recommended by the whole family.

The children’s platter was just £3 per head, which again is excellent value for a tasty breakfast.

Drinks do cost extra, but are fairly priced, with our group opting for various teas and coffees - including Americano and cappuccino, all of which were good.

The staff at Charnallies were friendly and attentive, quickly responding to enquiries for extra drinks and other items.

It was rather busy for a blustery Sunday morning on the coast, but the staff remained efficient and welcoming.

Overall, we had a very pleasant experience - one that I would recommended for a relaxed meal with your family or friends.

Perusing the menu, we’ll most definitely be back to indulge in our Bottomless Pizza offer, which runs from Mondays to Thursdays for 4pm-7pm.