STRUGGLING birds trapped behind nets above a shop in Clacton left shoppers worried.  

Shoppers noticed a number of birds trapped behind nets at Boots, in Pier Avenue, on Wednesday evening.

The net had been installed to deter bird from sitting on the building.

Shoppers contacted the RSPCA as some of the animals seemed to be dead or unable to escape. 

The maintenance team of the shop was informed and said it would be taking care of the issue. 

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We have been visiting this site in Clacton and are liaising with the landlord and its building maintenance company, urging them to resolve this issue to prevent any future problems and protect birds. 

“Each year over 1,000 reports are made to the RSPCA about wild birds trapped in or behind netting, many incidents involving bird-deterrent netting.

"Problems arise when netting is put up incorrectly or becomes damaged, leaving gaps where birds can enter and become trapped.  

“There are some circumstances where netting can be an effective means of keeping birds off structures. However, it’s vitally important that any netting is properly installed and maintained and it must be monitored. 

“For advice on what to do if you see a trapped bird, please visit the RSPCA’s webpage.”