A LARGE burst water pipe has caused disruption to water supplies for residents of several towns.

The water pipe occurred in Frinton this morning and as a result, there is disruption to water supplies in Walton, Frinton and Harwich

Postcodes CO12, CO13, CO14 and CO16 have been affected and customers may have no water or low pressure during this time.

A spokesman for Affinity Water said: “Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to get water supplies back to normal as quickly as possible and we’d like to apologise to everyone who is affected by this.

“Affinity Water appreciates the disrupt this may have with businesses and customers in the areas, but they are doing everything they possibly can to investigate the area and get the water flowing as soon as possible for you. “

During this time, customers in the area are asked to avoid using their washing machines, dishwashers and electrical appliances that use water.

In case your water needs witching off for the repair, Affinity Water has recommended you fill bottles where possible or to put some in your kettle or fridge for drinking.

The Affinity Water spokesman added: “Affinity Water apologies for this and they are working extremely hard to get your water back to normal as soon as possible”

For more information on the situation and further updates visit bit.ly/45EDDVI.