CONCERNED parents in Essex have created a petition amid concerns about speed limits on roads outside schools in Essex. 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) reports that 40 per cent of child pedestrian casualties occur during the 'school run' periods. 

Carina Rose, the creator of the petition said: "As a concerned parent living in Essex, I am deeply worried about the safety of my children and others who walk to school.

"The current speed limits on roads near schools are too high, making it dangerous for our young ones during their commute to and from school."

She proposes two solutions to the problem, implementing speed bumps and lowering speed limits near schools.

According to ROSPA, areas with 20mph speed limits have a significant reduction in accidents involving child pedestrians. 

Carina adds: "Our children's safety should be our top priority. We urge local authorities in Essex to take immediate action by installing speed bumps and reducing speed limits around schools.

"Please sign this petition if you agree that no child should risk their life while going to or coming from school."

To sign the petition head to: