A FRINTON based sports club hosted a women's croquet event and tournament with world-famous croquet champions. 

Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club held a woman's croquet tournament last weekend, which saw demos, advice and a Q&A session with three England National croquet players.

Ten women took part in the tournament, making five pairs, with Samantha Flaherty and Margaret Kenny winning the event.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Players - The ten women who participated in the tournamentPlayers - The ten women who participated in the tournament (Image: Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club)

Claire Day, a member of Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club, said: "When you tell people you play croquet, they tend to laugh at you because they assume it is a dull game of simply hitting a ball through hoops and only played at summer lawn parties.

"Well, if you like snooker, or bowling then you’d like croquet, it is a strategic game that does require skill, but you don’t need to be athletic or super fit to do it.

"We are passionate about getting the message about this sport out there to all ages to encourage more people to take part."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Champions - The three National England croquet playersChampions - The three National England croquet players (Image: Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club)

After the tournament, the three croquet champions, Alison Maugham, Gabriel Higgins and Annabel McDiarmid, provided advice on the women's tournament performances and played a demonstration match to show off their skills.

Club chairman James Max said: “It was so lovely to welcome three of the nation’s finest women croquet players to our club.

"Having only recently established croquet after an absence of 30 years, it’s exciting to see such strong support and participation too.

"This is a game that anyone can play, it’s fun and very often competitive too." 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Watch - The crowd and playersWatch - The crowd and players (Image: Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club)

For more information head to: www.fosltc.com