An author best known for his books about a seaside town has made a donation to a food bank funded by proceeds raised from sales of his paperbacks.

Steven Walker has gifted four slow cookers to the Walton District and Community Foodbank thanks to the popularity of his two recent books about Walton and the Naze.

One of these is The Naze: Natural History Flora and Fauna, which covers the impact of climate change and the effects of rising sea levels to the area.

Over the past 50 years urbanisation, agriculture, pollution and climate change have all caused the  Naze’s plants and animals to dwindle, and the cliffs to erode.

Speaking about his decision to donate money raised from sales of his books Mr Walker said it was vital the community helped where and when it could. 

He added: “Food poverty and the cost-of-living crisis are forcing parents to skip meals in order to feed their children.   

“The slow cookers will be used by volunteers from Walton Foodbank to help parents or carers learn how to prepare nutritious meals at low cost, using the energy efficient cookers.” 

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