SCHOOLS are warning about a new app which is popular amongst school children and young adults. 

Colleges and schools have warned parents about an app, which is described as “Tinder for teenagers”. 

“Wizz” is a social media app that offers to “make new connections and discuss with new friends”. 

Teachers and parents are worried, as the users can be as young as 13 years old and is used widely as dating portal. 

Parents alerted the schools and trust after finding the apps on their children's phones.

The app offers age verification, but this is not mandatory, imposing the risk of people creating false profiles. 

Parents have been advised to delete or block the app from their children’s phones to protect them from potential harm. 

The National College's online safety programme and other schools across the country have put together information leaflets with advice for parents. 

A spokesperson for the Academic Enterprise Trust said: “A parent made us aware of a concern they had about this app and we wanted to make our wider parent body aware of it.

"This is all part of our regular work to remind young people and their families about how to stay to safe online.”