A NON-FICTION book recounting tales of Clacton's beach huts is now on the shelves of bookshops across the country. 

Nancy Stevenson has compiled a warm selection of anecdotes straight from so-called beach hut dwellers.

Her story takes us beyond the prettily painted exterior of the shacks and into the inviting and memory-filled spaces that so many people have loved and shared.

Based on the real-life stories and memories of 60 people who own or regularly visit beach huts, Nancy invites readers into a unique slice of seaside culture in her first ever release, Beach Hut People. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Stroll - Beach hut people walking down the Frinton promenade, circa 1927Stroll - Beach hut people walking down the Frinton promenade, circa 1927 (Image: Nancy Stevenson, Eleanor Brown)

The book features tales from all over the coast, where special traditions, changes, challenges and personal styles of this subculture are explored.

Featured in the iconic lifestyle magazine, EssexLife, and on the Essex by the Sea Podcast, the book has had nothing but good reviews.

Travis Elborough, a literary diarist, described the read as: “A charming snapshot of a slice of the British seaside, the humble beach hut, their occupants, and a tiny corner of Essex serving here as a brilliant microcosm for a larger story about our island nation's idiosyncrasies.”

To buy the book go to: https://thenose.org/products/beach-hut-people